January 22, 2016

Funding for Partners

How Non-Profits Receive Funding from the Media Foundation:

Small Not-For-Profits (NFPs) rely heavily on cash donations from their support base to keep their operations running, with few other options for sustainability. NFPs may spend as much as 1/3 of their time seeking funding when they could be focusing on the mission of their non profit. Although non profits have limited operating capital, they typically have access to unlimited amounts of media from their support base which they can now turn into operating capital with the user of a free mobile app from The Media Foundation (TMF). TMF fills the gap between smaller non-profits and the funds necessary to fulfill their mission and vision.

There hasn’t been a simple way for smaller NFPs to take receipt of these kinds of donations and quickly convert them into operating capital…until now. The Media Foundation offers a solution to help non profits by converting in-kind donations of media (i.e. CDs, DVDs, software, video games and books) into operating capital.

What’s next for you? Explore our website and FAQ for more information, schedule a call or tour to take your non-profit to the next level.

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